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Education Abroad Privacy and Fee Notice

  • The collection and retention of your academic record is subject to federal regulation under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  This means that you are responsible for specifying the persons and agents who have access to your academic record.  It is therefore necessary for the International Learning Opportunities Office to obtain your permission to release information collected during the application and enrollment process, in your letters of recommendation, and your Boise State University transcript.
  • I hereby release information contained in my online application forms, letters of recommendation, and Boise State University transcript to the International Learning Opportunities Office and Boise State University for review and approval of my application to participate in an Education Abroad program.
  • I hereby release information contained in my application and transcript to specified Host Institution and Boise State University for the purpose of my placement on an Exchange Program.
  • I hereby give permission to the International Learning Opportunities Office to obtain my Boise State University transcript at any time during my term abroad.
  • I hereby give the International Learning Opportunities Office permission to access my Boise State disciplinary and conduct record as part of the application process to study abroad.  I also give ILO staff permission to check my conduct and disciplinary record at any other institution I have attended.  I understand that the International Learning Opportunities Office reserves the right to deny or place conditions on student participation in their programs based on this information.
  • I will allow a representative of the International Learning Opportunities Office to discuss my program, financial aid, registration status, etc. with my PARENTS.  -- If not, if there are administrative issues while you are abroad, you will be responsible for working with administrative offices on campus and be responsible for the costs associated with this (i.e. long distance phone calls, faxes, etc.).  AND, you are required to list at least one contact person in case of emergency.  If you prefer this not be your parents, then be sure to list a friend or family member that will assist you in case of emergency.


  • I understand that I will be responsible for paying an Education Abroad Course Fee for each term abroad.
  • The fee for all Study Abroad Programs is $325 per semester or summer program.
  • This fee will be charged on my BroncoWeb account and may be covered by Financial Aid if applicable.
  • I understand that failure to pay this fee by the due date will result in late fees. 
  • I understand that this fee is non-refundable.
  • I understand that once this fee has been charged to my BroncoWeb account, I am responsible for payment, including late fees, even if I cancel or change my program.
  • This fee is subject to increase at any time.

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