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Steps to study abroad

Steps to Study Abroad

  • Step #1: Think about your goals  for your study abroad experience

  • Step #2: Research program options

  • Step #3: Attend a study abroad 101 session, find the schedule here 

  • Step #4: Meet with an ILO staff member. Once you have attended an info session, you should meet with an advisor. But, if you are still confused, can't decide on a program, have questions, etc. do not worry! You can still meet with the study abroad advisor, they can help you with your questions. Call (208) 426-2630 to schedule an appointment.

  • Step #5: Apply to a program When accepted, contact the Office of International Learning Opportunities. You will need to complete Boise State's required paperwork, which will maintain your full time student status and allow for the disbursement of your financial aid and posting of credits. This is required for ALL students studying abroad, regardless of program sponsor.

  • Step #6: Be sure you have a passport If you are serious about studying abroad or even traveling abroad, get your passport NOW.

If you have any questions or want more information about the Education Abroad Program at Boise State University, please contact International Learning Opportunities:



Phone: 208-426-2630

Boise State University Global Learning Opportunities